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Silicon Carbide Diesel Particulate Filter (SiC-DPF)

Boost Performance, Lower Emissions: Discover SiC DPF

Designed for Maximum Efficiency and Easy Maintenance

Elevate your emissions control with SKY SiC DPFs: unparalleled efficiency, long-lasting design, and optimized for engine performance. Choose wholesale with us: competitive pricing, consistent quality, and dedicated support. Lead in green solutions. Partner today!

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Step into the future with Silicon Carbide DPFs – the pinnacle of sustainable emissions technology. Unlock superior filtration and extend equipment lifespan, all while optimizing fuel efficiency. When you wholesale with us, you’re investing in advanced eco-tech, streamlining operational costs, and setting the stage for unparalleled business growth. Be the green-tech leader in your industry.

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SiC DPF Highlights

Silicon carbide DPFs offer outstanding filtration efficiency, typically ranging from 96-98%. This high level of performance effectively captures diesel particulate matter

With a mechanical strength, silicon carbide DPFs are more resistant to vibrations and impact compared to other materials like cordierite. This increased durability ensures reliable performance under various operating conditions.

Silicon carbide DPFs have a thermal conductivity of 20-25 W/m·K, which is significantly higher than cordierite DPFs. This property allows for improved heat dissipation, reducing the risk of overheating during regeneration and extending the filter’s service life.

Silicon carbide DPFs are highly resistant to chemical attack, making them suitable for use in harsh environments or with aggressive exhaust gas compositions. This feature ensures the filter’s long-term reliability and performance.

Due to their increased mechanical strength, thermal conductivity, and resistance to chemical attack, silicon carbide DPFs typically have a longer service life compared to cordierite DPFs. This extended durability can result in cost savings for your business over time.

SiC DPF Specifications

Chemical Properties

Indicators Unit Value
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) 10-6/K ≤4.7
Compressive strength-A axis Mpa >12
Compressive strength - B axis Mpa >3
Thermal shock resistance - >550℃ for three cycles without cracking
Water absorption % 24-28
Apparent porosity % 46-48
Average pore size um 13±3, 18±3
Softening temperature >1400
Density g/L ≤800

Common Sizes

Item No. Size (mm) Volume (L) CPSI
SiC DPF001 φ118.4*152.4 (4.66*6 inch) 1.68 200/300
SiC DPF002 φ118.4*203.2 (4.66*8 inch) 2.24 200/300
SiC DPF003 φ127*203.2 (5*8 inch) 2.57 200/300
SiC DPF004 φ143.8*101.6 (5.66*4 inch) 1.65 200/300
SiC DPF005 φ143.8*152.4 (5.66*6 inch) 2.47 200/300
SiC DPF006 φ143.8*203.2 (5.66*8 inch) 3.30 200/300
SiC DPF007 φ143.8*254 (5.66*10 inch) 4.12 200/300
SiC DPF008 φ143.8*304.8 (5.66*12 inch) 4.95 200/300
SiC DPF009 φ190.5*152.4 (7.5*6 inch) 4.34 200/300
SiC DPF010 φ228.6*203.2 (9*8 inch) 8.34 200/300
SiC DPF011 φ241.3*241.3 (9.5*9.5 inch) 11.03 200/300
SiC DPF012 φ266.7*203.2 (10.5*8 inch) 11.35 200/300
SiC DPF013 φ285.8*228 (11.25*8.98 inch) 14.61 200/300
SiC DPF014 φ304.8*254 (12*10 inch) 18.52 200/300
SiC DPF015 φ330.2*431.8 (13*17 inch) 36.96 200/300
SiC DPF016 150*150*150 3.375 200/300
SiC DPF017 150*150*300 6.75 200/300
SiC DPF018 182*97*152.4 Runway 200/300
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