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Industrial Honeycomb Zeolite Filter

Maximize Efficiency with SKY Advanced Honeycomb Zeolite Filters

SKY industrial honeycomb zeolite filters are designed to maximize adsorption efficiency, reduce pressure drops, and enhance your filtration systems’ performance. Ideal for gas purification, VOC removal, and various industrial applications.

Honeycomb Zeolite Filter

The honeycomb zeolite filter has uniform pores, and its pore size is equivalent to the size of ordinary molecules. It is an inorganic material composed of SIO2, AL2O and alkaline metals or alkaline earth metals. Its internal pore volume accounts for 20-40% of the total volume, and its specific surface area is 300- 800m2/g. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, non-flammability, good thermal stability and chemical stability. Its pore size is below 2nm for microporous honeycomb zeolite filter, 2-50nm for mesoporous honeycomb zeolite filter, and above 50nm for microporous honeycomb zeolite filter. Large pore honeycomb zeolite filter.

Industrial Honeycomb Zeolite Filter

Honeycomb Zeolite Filter Highlights

Zeolite filter internal structure has well-developed pores and a huge specific surface area, which can adsorb VOCs waste gas hundreds of times larger than its own volume.

The uniform pore size distribution inside the zeolite filter can effectively perform molecular recognition, thereby greatly improving the selective adsorption capacity of the zeolite filter for VOCs molecules.

Under conditions of higher temperature and greater humidity, the zeolite filter still has good adsorption capacity.

The hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity of the zeolite filter can be adjusted by adjusting the silicon-aluminum ratio of the zeolite filter. Zeolite filters with a high silicon-aluminum ratio have excellent hydrophobic properties and can effectively reduce the competitive adsorption of water on VOCs molecules under certain humidity conditions.

Zeolite filters are non-flammable and can be desorbed using methods such as pressure change, microwaves, and hot air, making the product renewable and recyclable.

Zeolite filters have reversible adsorption of liquids and gases.

Honeycomb Zeolite Filter Data

petrol particulate filter (PPF) used in petrol cars
Items Unit Value
Sizes mm 100*100*100, 150*150*100, 150*150*150.
Holes cm2 16-25
Wall Thickness mm 0.4-0.5
Bulk density g/cm3 0.35-0.6
Specific surface area m2/g <900
Purification rate % >90
Compressive Strength-A axis Mpa 0.7
Compressive Strength-B axis Mpa 0.2
Working temperature <600
Adsorption wind speed m/s 0.8-1.2
Adsorption residence time s/m 0.6-1
Desorption wind speed m/s >0.3
Desorption temperature >200

Hot-Selling Items

Item No. Comprehensive adsorption capacity Applicable working conditions Materials
SZF#1 12kgs ≤100mg Natural zeolite
SZF#2 24kgs ≤200mg Natural complex zeolite
SZF#3 30kgs ≤250mg Composite nano zeolite
SZF#5 36kgs ≤300mg High silicon synthetic zeolite
SZF#7 40kgs ≤400mg High silicon synthetic zeolite
SZF#9 44kgs ≤600mg High silicon synthetic zeolite
SZF#11 45kgs ≤600mg (Mainly xylene) High silicon synthetic zeolite
SZF#11 30kgs ≤1000mg (Special for styrene) High silicon synthetic zeolite

VOCs adsorption technology reference

1, Adsorption wind speed 0.8-1.2 m/s.

2. The adsorption residence time is 0.7-1 seconds.

3, Desorption wind speed 0.3-0.5 m/s. 
4, Desorption temperature above 200 degrees
5, The use temperature is less than 600 degrees

6, Density 0.31- -0.43 g/cm3

7, Longitudinal compressive strength 0.7Mpa, transverse compressive strength 0.2Mpa.

8, The working environment of molecular sieve: humidity is less than 60%, dust is less than 1mg/m3. Preprocessing is key.

9, Zeolite filter is an active material fragile, the initial granulation rate is about 0.1%, to be cleaned after the surface dust basically will not produce granulation, the initial cause of granulation is pressure.

Applications of Honeycomb Zeolite Filter

Car Painting

Ship industry

Petrochemical Industry

Packaging and printing industry

honeycomb zeolite filter

Furniture Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Rubber Industry

Machine Industry

Why Choose SKY Honeycomb Zeolite Filter

Industry-Leading Technology

Our GPFs incorporate the latest advancements, ensuring top-notch emission reduction and efficiency.

Adaptable Designs

Our filters can be integrated into a variety of exhaust systems, ensuring compatibility across vehicle models.

Robust Testing

Each GPF undergoes rigorous testing to withstand challenging conditions, ensuring longevity and performance.

Continuous Innovation

Our R&D teams are constantly pushing boundaries, ensuring you benefit from the latest in GPF technology.


How often do the GPFs need maintenance?

With efficient regeneration, our GPFs require minimal maintenance, ensuring consistent performance.

Can I get a custom GPF solution for my specific fleet needs?

Absolutely! We specialize in providing tailored solutions to match your fleet requirements.

Do your GPFs affect vehicle fuel efficiency?

Our GPFs are designed to optimize airflow, often enhancing fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance.

How do you ensure consistent quality in bulk orders?

Our rigorous quality control processes ensure that each GPF unit matches our high standards, regardless of order volume.

Petrol particulate filter for patrol cars

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