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High Quality Ceramic Honeycomb at Wholesale Price

Discover a seamless sourcing experience with SKY. We offer reliable, quality-assured ceramic substrates at wholesale prices. No more stress about inconsistent products or unpredictable service. Choose SKY, your trusted partner in achieving environmental goals.

Our Products

As your reliable B2B supplier, SKY offers exceptional ceramic substrates that enhance your business. Consistent product quality and our commitment to excellent service ensure your complete satisfaction. Boost your profits without compromising your commitment to the environment

Oval ceramic substrate

Used in flat catalytic converters

Applications For Ceramic Substrates

With applications extending across industries, SKY’s ceramic substrates stand as a benchmark for emission control. They’re essential components for both diesel and gasoline engines, industrial exhaust systems, and VOC catalysts. Rely on our products for consistent, high-quality solutions that uphold your environmental commitment while bolstering your bottom line.

Gasoline Vehicles

Passenger/SUVs/Commercial/Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Diesel Vehicles

Light/Medium/Heavy Duty Trucks, Construction/Public Service Trucks


Chemical/Petroleum and Gas/Printing/Food and Beverage Industries


Cargo/Cruise Ships, Fishing Vessels, Ferries, Tugboats


Gas furnaces or wood-burning stoves, Outdoor Grills

Power Generation

Portable or stationary power generators

Hot Selling Ceramic Substrates

SKY’s ceramic substrates deliver exceptional quality and durability in harsh conditions, with high cell density and excellent surface area for improved emission control. Versatile for automotive, industrial, or marine use – experience superior value tailored to your unique needs.

honeycomb ceramic bricks for catalytic converters

Ceramic Substrate for Gasoline

Working Principle

Ceramic Honeycomb Monolith as a core of catalytic converter, after coating with precious metal and rare earth has excellent performance in light bus, city bus, light duty truck and gasoline engine applications.

diesel particulate filters

Diesel Particulate Filter

Working Principle

SKY’s Diesel Particulate Filters help reduce pollution from diesel engines. They work by trapping soot particles in tiny channels by wall-flow and using special systems to burn them off. This keeps the filters clean and working well. SKY’s filters are made from strong materials that can handle high heat and pressure, so they last a long time. If you want an environmentally-friendly way to keep your engine running smoothly, choose SKY’s DPFs.

infrared ceramic plate

Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Plate

The infrared honeycomb ceramic plate heats up gas and turns it into energy that we can use. It uses a special kind of light that doesn’t waste energy, called ultra-red rays. This plate can work with different types of gas, like natural gas, propane, and more.

our offer

We offer customized services

Substrate Customized

All ceramic substrates can be customized for you!

Coating Customized

Catalyst formula customized according to your requirements, whether it is used in vehicles or in industry, so as to meet the emission standard of your country.

Ceramic Substrate Workshop for You

Are you ready for a behind-the-scenes look at where the magic happens? Step inside SKY’s workshop and discover how we make our high-quality products! From gasoline ceramic substrate to diesel particulate filter, we’ve got everything you need to fight against harmful pollutants in the air.

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From Box to Business -SKY's Got You Covered!

 We know that protecting your products during shipping and delivery is crucial. That’s why SKY has got you covered with our new and improved packaging! Our packaging is like a suit of armor for your products – it ensures that they arrive at their destination unscathed. We’ve tested our packaging against even the toughest shipping conditions, so you can rest easy knowing that your products are safe and sound.


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diesel particulate filters
ceramic honeycomb DPF filter


Yes! SKY offers a range of ceramic substrates for catalytic converters, DPF/DOC/SCR, and VOC, like pollution-fighting superheroes that help businesses achieve their environmental goals. So, let’s t rolling the ball!

Nope, not at all! Our products are cost-effective and won’t leave a dent in your wallet. Plus, our customized solutions are designed to fit specific business needs, providing you with the best possible experience.

SKY uses advance technology to ensure the quality. We also conduct rigorous testing to guarantee reliable and consistent performance. Plus, our team of experts is committed to providing the best possible products and services to our customers.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Our after-sales service is like a superhero that swoops in to save the day. Just contact our team of experts, and we’ll help you with any issues you may have.

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