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cordierite DPF filter

High-Efficiency Cordierite DPF for Emission Control

SKY high-efficiency Cordierite Diesel Particulate Filter delivers superior performance in emission control, meeting stringent international standards. With optimized cell density and porosity, it offers a balance between back pressure and soot loading capacity, supporting extended service intervals. Ideal for clients aiming to reduce environmental impact and improve air quality.

Hot Selling Cordierite DPFs

SKY customizable Cordierite Diesel Particulate Filters cater to a wide range of industrial applications. Offering flexibility in size, cell density, and wall thickness, we provide solutions tailored to your specific requirements. These filters exhibit exceptional performance in particulate matter capture, aiding in the efficient operation of your diesel engines and upholding your commitment to sustainability.

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Cordierite DPF Highlights

Cordierite DPFs provide an excellent filtration efficiency about 95%, effectively capturing diesel particulate matter to help to meet stringent emission standards.

Cordierite DPFs have a low coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE) ≤1.45×10-6 / °C, which makes them highly resistant to thermal shock. This property allows the DPF to withstand rapid changes in temperature during regeneration, ensuring durability and reliable performance.

Cordierite DPFs are more economical to manufacture compared to other materials such as silicon carbide. This cost advantage translates to a more affordable product without sacrificing performance, making it a budget-friendly choice for your business.

Honeycomb ceramic cordierite DPFs have a lower density (0.6-0.8 g/cm3) compared to other DPF materials, resulting in a lighter product. This weight reduction can contribute to improved fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance.

Cordierite DPFs typically require a lower regeneration temperature (500-600°C) compared to other materials. This property can lead to lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions during the regeneration process

Cordierite DPF Specifications

Chemical Properties

Indicators Unit Value
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) 10-6/K ≤1.2
Compressive strength-A axis Mpa >9
Compressive strength - B axis Mpa >3
Thermal shock resistance - >550℃ for three cycles without cracking
Water absorption % 32-34
Apparent porosity % >50
Average pore size um 13±3, 18±3
Softening temperature >1360
Density g/L 400-480

Common Sizes

Item No. Size (mm) Volume (L) CPSI
SCDPF001 φ118.4*152.4 (4.66*6 inch) 1.68 100/200
SCDPF002 φ118.4*203.2 (4.66*8 inch) 2.24 100/200
SCDPF003 φ127*203.2 (5*8 inch) 2.57 100/200
SCDPF004 φ143.8*101.6 (5.66*4 inch) 1.65 100/200
SCDPF005 φ143.8*152.4 (5.66*6 inch) 2.47 100/200
SCDPF006 φ143.8*203.2 (5.66*8 inch) 3.30 100/200
SCDPF007 φ143.8*254 (5.66*10 inch) 4.12 100/200
SCDPF008 φ143.8*304.8 (5.66*12 inch) 4.95 100/200
SCDPF009 φ190.5*152.4 (7.5*6 inch) 4.34 100/200
SCDPF010 φ228.6*203.2 (9*8 inch) 8.34 100/200
SCDPF012 φ241.3*241.3 (9.5*9.5 inch) 11.03 100/200
SCDPF013 φ266.7*203.2 (10.5*8 inch) 11.35 100/200
SCDPF014 φ285.75*228 (11.25*8.98 inch) 14.61 100/200
SCDPF015 φ304.8*254 (12*10 inch) 18.52 100/200
SCDPF016 φ330.2*431.8 (13*17 inch) 36.96 100/200
SCDPF017 150*150*150 square 3.375 100/200
SCDPF018 150*150*300 square 6.75 100/200
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