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GPF for gasoline engine

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Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF)

GPF is a device designed to reduce the particulate emissions from gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines. Dive into consistent quality with SKY GPF tailored for optimal fleet performance. Benefit from transparent pricing and on-time delivery. Our units ensure efficient emission control, durability, and seamless integration. Experience true value with every bulk order, supported by our dedicated B2B team.

Hot Selling GPF

Consistent Quality

Navigating bulk purchases often means risking inconsistencies. Not with us. Every GPF unit we deliver mirrors the next in terms of performance, efficiency, and durability.

Tailored Solutions

SKY emission offer GPFs that are tailored to your specific fleet needs, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance.

Dedicated Support

A large order shouldn't mean less attention. Our B2B clients receive dedicated support teams, ensuring a smooth purchase and integration process.

On-Time Delivery

Missed timelines can disrupt your operations. Our commitment is to ensure that your GPFs are delivered as promised, every time.

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GPF Highlights

GPFs capture and burn off particulates, significantly reducing tailpipe emissions and ensuring cleaner air.

Using engine heat, GPFs self-clean by burning accumulated particulates, minimizing maintenance. 

Advanced GPFs can enhance fuel efficiency by optimizing airflow, benefiting both the environment and economy.

Constructed from high-quality materials, GPFs offer a durable solution, ensuring long-term emission control.

GPF designs ensure efficient exhaust flow, preventing performance losses commonly associated with exhaust filters.

Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) Data

Chemical Properties

Indicators Unit Value
CTE 10-6/℃ ≤1.0
Isostatic Pressure Mpa ≥1.05
Porosity % 60-70
Pore size um 14-24
Softening temp >1400
Chemical Composition Al2O3 (%)- SiO2 (%)- MgO (%)- 35.4 - 49.7 - 13.5 - (±1.5)

Common Sizes

Item No. Size (mm) Volume (L) CPSI
SGPF001 φ118.4*101.6 1.12 200/300
SGPF002 φ118.4*127 1.4 200/300
SGPF003 φ118.4*136 1.5 200/300
SGPF004 φ118.4*152.4 1.68 200/300
SGPF005 φ132.1*101.6 1.39 200/300
SGPF006 φ132.1*110 1.51 200/300
SGPF007 φ132.1*127 1.74 200/300
SGPF008 φ132.1*146 2.0 200/300
SGPF009 φ143.8*123.2 2.0 200/300
SGPF010 φ143.8*127 2.06 200/300
SGPF011 φ143.8*152.4 2.48 200/300

Applications of Our GPF

Mass Vehicle Production

Ensure every vehicle off the line meets emission standards.

Fleet Retrofitting

Update older fleets to adhere to modern emission regulations.

petrol particulate filter (PPF) used in petrol cars

Specialized Vehicles

From delivery trucks to buses, our GPFs handle diverse vehicle types.

Performance Vehicles

Achieve cleaner emissions without compromising performance.

Why Choose Our GPF

Industry-Leading Technology

Our GPFs incorporate the latest advancements, ensuring top-notch emission reduction and efficiency.

Adaptable Designs

Our filters can be integrated into a variety of exhaust systems, ensuring compatibility across vehicle models.

Robust Testing

Each GPF undergoes rigorous testing to withstand challenging conditions, ensuring longevity and performance.

Continuous Innovation

Our R&D teams are constantly pushing boundaries, ensuring you benefit from the latest in GPF technology.


How often do the GPFs need maintenance?

With efficient regeneration, our GPFs require minimal maintenance, ensuring consistent performance.

Can I get a custom GPF solution for my specific fleet needs?

Absolutely! We specialize in providing tailored solutions to match your fleet requirements.

Do your GPFs affect vehicle fuel efficiency?

Our GPFs are designed to optimize airflow, often enhancing fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance.

How do you ensure consistent quality in bulk orders?

Our rigorous quality control processes ensure that each GPF unit matches our high standards, regardless of order volume.

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